SOTREM SEO is involved at every stage of product development thanks to its various teams specializing in design, industrialization, manufacturing, validation, and onsite installation and support.
We place people at the heart of our organization and invest in furthering the skills of every employee so that they may advance forward.

« Respect, engagement and openness are the keys to quality management. »


« After being trained as an electronics assembler, I did a 5-week internship at SOTREM. They were very welcoming, and the atmosphere was very friendly. I learned a lot; the company even helped me to get my degree… For all these reasons, I decided to apply for a position as a cable wirer, and I was hired. Developing a product from A to Z is a very motivating experience, and it’s very rewarding when you meet this challenge! Even more, I am enriched every day by working in a team and observing their work. The icing on the cake is that my work is recognized by my boss, who encourages me to grow. The sky’s the limit… »

Rémi, 24 years

« I started working at SOTREM SEO after getting my CAP/BEP diplomas in wiring and board assembly from AFPA, and I’ve been working here ever since; that was 11 years ago! You need to be methodical, quick but patient, and you need to know how to understand a plan. I’ve acquired and honed so many skills in the course of my career. Right now, I’m mostly working to develop prototypes. I’m thriving with my team and in my role, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! »

Sophie, 48 years